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Companies and corporations of Polaris
« le: 02/01/2017 - 09:31:14 »
The following is a list I've been making of companies and corporations of Polaris based on references found in the rulebooks. Comments are welcome, both on corrections and additional information!

Aeris (Cult of the Trident) - A chemical production company that possesses the secret of Hyperfluid (CRB1, 47; E p. 20).

C.T.C. / Coralean Tourist Company (Coral Republic) - A state-run transportation company specializing in transporting the elite and influential (CRB1, pg 87; E p. 20).

Cortex (Cult of the Trident) - A pharmaceutical company that develops gene therapies. (CRB1 p. 47; E p. 17)

Deep Star (Red League) - A transport company that specializes in transporting people to the very deep stations (CRB1, p. 87; E p. 17, 19)

Delta-Oceanus (Kingdom of the Indus) - A luxury maritime travel company (CRB1, p. 87)

Dolphin (Mediterranean Union) - A transport company that specializes in mixed transport and convoy services. Subsidiary of Union Industries (CRB1, p. 87).

ElectroTech (Hegemony) - A manufacturing company (CRB2 p. 15; E p. 22)

Explora (Coral Republic) - A transport company that organizes cruises in the Coral Republic (CRB1, p. 87; E p. 20)

Free Star (Red League) - A small convoy company (CRB1, p. 87; E p. 18).

Gladius (Cult of the Trident) - A massive naval enterprise that develops and produces ships and arms. Builds the Cult's monastery ships (CRB1, p. 47; E p. 18).

Global Oceans / Global Oceanus (Hegemony) - A freight company specializing in transporting vessels predominantly throughout the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea (CRB1, p. 87; E p. 18).

Hellion (Cult of the Trident) - A biotech company that specializes in the creation of Hybrids (CRB1, p. 47; E p. 19).

Hermes (Mediterranean Union) - A research and production company specializing in surface conditions. Finances the community of Metchv (CRB1 p. 64; E p. 15).

Kora Company (Cult of the Trident) - Specializes in the resale of used weapons. Subsidiary of Gladius (E p. 47).

Neotech (Hegemony) - Subsidizes the community of Coiba (CRB1 p. 63).

New Dynamic (Independent) - A mining enterprise (CRB1 p. 68; E p. 17)

New Horizon (Hegemony) - A transport company that specializes in long-distance transport (CRB1, p. 87; E p. 18).

Nova (Hegemony) - A tourist transport company (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 17).

Odysseus (Coral Republic) - A transport company (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 20).

Pacific Transport (Coral Republic) - A freight company that specializes in transporting food supplies (CRB1 p. 88; E p. 20).

Panam (Hegemony) - A small pleasure boating company (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 17)

Pandora - A station module retail and repair company (E p. 20)

Polyphemus (Polar Alliance) - A freight company (CRB1 p. 88; E p. 18).

Poseidon (Cult of the Trident) - A ship building and transport company. Specializes in mixed transport all over the Atlantic Ocean. Branch of Gladius tasked with building the Cult's monastery vessels (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 17).

Red League Transport (Red League) - A freight company. World leader in freight transport (CRB1 p. 88; E p. 22).

Siranea (Coral Republic) - A tourist transport company (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 17).

Solaris (Cult of the Trident) - A currency company. Makes the Sol and ensures distribution of this currency (CRB1 p. ; E p. 27).

Telemachus (Hegemony) - A transport company. Telemachus provides extremely luxurious long cruise voyages on their sole ship, the Telemachus (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 20).

Titan Transport (Independent, Titan) - A freight company with impeccable service (CRB1 p. 88; E p. 22).

Tri-Pole (Polar Alliance) - Supervises the community of Maul (CRB1 p. 68, E p. 17).

Trident Space Agency (Cult of the Trident) - A research institute. Vital for the conquest of outer space (CRB1 p. 47).

Unified Oceans Company (Red League) - A freight company. Ranked second among freight companies (CRB1 p. 88).

Union Industries (Mediterranean Union) - A shipbuilding company. Renowned for designing the Pulsar-class frigate (CRB1 p. 87; E p. 17).

Vigilant (Independent) (E p. 17)