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Titre: Names of Characters
Posté par: JohnK le 18/08/2016 - 03:30:49
Hullo, folks,

One of the things that interests me is names.

While there are references to quite a few characters by name in the various works, I was wondering if there is a list of typical names found in each of the various Nations? 

If such a thing doesn't exist, is there any sort of guidelines for creating character names in the various Nations and as a general rule?

Thanks, in advance. :)
Titre: Re : Names of Characters
Posté par: Krisasim le 27/02/2019 - 22:55:19
         Just saw this.  The simplest way [and get-out] to deal with a PC Name is the obvious one - Decide on which Real-World Nation your PC or NPC comes from, and make up a Name for your PC / NPC accordingly, by search for a website with a list of Names belonging to that Language.

As an additional note, if you use this Link below:


   you'll get to the black-book-editions.fr Catalogue for Polaris, and select/purchase the *.pdfs of the French and English titles.

The "Univers" title details The Hegemony, The Red League, The Surface, and more, including Solar Polaris, and finishes with a 12-page Annexe listing all the NPCs[/size][size=78%] [/size][/size]which appear in the book.  This should give you some generous food for thought!![size=78%]

Kasim, Blue Trident.