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Titre: Question on Skill Points
Posté par: Isto le 19/07/2021 - 14:43:15
How are the skill points from origin distributed.

Example 1:
If a character is from Major City and Upper Class which gives him +2 and +3 bonus to Knowledge of Nation/Organization and the character have lived over 5 years of experience in given environment. Does the +2 and +3 cap the natural progression or is it added after that, so will the Knowledge result as Mastery Level 5 or 10 in that situation ? Somehow i think it would be realistic that an educated person would have wider knowledge of the Nation than an uneducated one, so i suspect the answer in this is that the skill mastery would then be 10.

Example 2:
What if an origin gives the character +1 to Hand-to-Hand Combat, would the 6 Mastery Level then cost 5 or 6 skill points to acquire (so is the +1 added after purchasing it to 5 to make a 6 for 5 points or is it added as 1 and the 5 to 6 must be purchased normally) - As given above, i suspect the bonus from backrounds is added after purchasing the skills with skill points. - Somehow i think in this situation the Mastery Level is added before purchasing any, because the skill in question is X skill, and the book says that the education gives them the basics, unlocking the skill.

Example 3:
If the character have Higher Education which gives him +3 on Science/Specialized Knowledge, and the character purchases the given knowledge first to 5, will the +3 be added to make a 8 with 9 points (from X to 5 = 9 pts) or will it be calculated so that the bonus makes it -1 and after that the character must spend 6+6 = 12 points to get the skill to 8 ?

Example 4:
If a character have a backround of "Underwater Maneuvering" and the character is a Hybrid, can it be converter to Hybrid skill, and in this situation is it added to the master level after calculating other skill levels or before that.

I tried to look many times from the book, and these things are still not clear to me. The book says "bonus" but does not tell what it means by saying so. I would very much appreciate an answer to these questions.

Also an additional question about languages: Characters who can speak for example Olosakian have Root:Azuran, which does not then apply to any languages that uses Root:Neo-Azuran ?

And on what instances do the character learn Neo-Azuran, is it ever the Native Language of a character ?

This is a question where i have not yet tried to search for answer in the book, so i might find an answer to this there.

Also from Aging, wouldnt it also give some benefits and not only penalties, like bonuses to Willpower, Presence or something ? Sometimes people tend to gain more Willpower / Presence when they age and gain experience. Kind of like refining themselves. I would like to balance the physical erosion penalties like this.
Titre: Re : Question on Skill Points
Posté par: Krisasim le 04/12/2021 - 16:37:39
It's a BONUS - emphasis on that word, so, as far as I am aware (I have both the French 3.0 Books published by BBE and the English 3.1 Books published via Paizo), one's final Rank in a Skill which gains a Bonus is determined by the number of Creation Points spent in Career(s), PLUS the bonus.  Thus, if your Career CP expenditure allows you 9 Ranks in Skills, you can have Rank 10 in a Skill which gains a +1 Rank Bonus. If the Skill is a standard Cost Skill, and you max its Rank during Career build in Character Creation, it will cost you 14 Skill points to buy (1 per Rank for Ranks 0 [zero] to 5 each, 2 per Rank for Ranks 6 to 9 each, total 14 points.).  If Phillippe Tessier (Cyrull) contradicts this understanding, well, he is the Author.

Christopher Simpson (Krisasim)